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Rocker Restaurant in North Bondi

Our Restaurant

Slinging wholesome dishes since 2017

We’ve stayed true to our vision since Rocker first opened its doors, with Chef and Co-Owner Darren Robertson (former Head Chef at Tetsuya’s and Co-Owner of Three Blue Ducks), Chef Stuart Toon (ex-Jamie Oliver) and Head Chef, Ethan Smart leaning on their respective expertise to spotlight fresh, local, seasonal ingredients across all our offerings.

Rocker Restaurant in North Bondi
Rocker Restaurant in North Bondi
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Rocker Restaurant in North Bondi

Rocker’s beachside location acts as a key source of inspiration for our menus (a ‘rocker’ is the bottom curve of a surfboard) and you’ll also find a European influence throughout, which is thanks to Daz and Stu’s common British roots.

The guys love getting creative in the kitchen, by bringing unique and sometimes unexpected ingredients together to bring you unforgettable, flavour-packed delights that’ll have everyone at the table coming back for more.

New dishes frequently pop onto the menus, and this is based on what our team finds is either freshest through their top notch suppliers at the time, or out foraging themselves.


There are always a few year round staples on the go too, which remain on the menu due to their ongoing popularity. These are the ultimate crowd pleasers, and they epitomise our philosophy and approach.

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